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Erection Problems? Escorts First Aid is What is Needed!

Problems with erection very strongly affect a self-assessment of the man and woman. How can they do when there is no erection at all or it disappears at the beginning of an intimate act? Specialists claim that the absence of erection in 99% of cases doesn't mean that the man physically or emotionally became indifferent to lovemaking. The reason is that the intimate desire is very vulnerable. Let's list just some typical factors reducing of intimate potency:

  • infections, somatic diseases for various reasons;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • stress, neurosis, depressions, neurasthenia, overstrain;
  • problems in family (especially in the relations with the partner) or at work;
  • perfectionism – the desire to do everything connected with intimate relations in a perfect way which causes excessive tension of the man;
  • some medicines and drugs;
  • unhealthy way of life, addictions.

It is difficult to underestimate a role of the escort woman in the intimate sphere especially if the partner has difficulties with erection. But even the most perfect escort beauties who are worthy an intimate bomb title, can lose confidence of their own appeal, having faced a problem of a weak or absent man's potency. The main mistake of the majority of escort ladies – they start blaming themselves or the partner. But how can they react to a problem in a right way and help the man?

Stop panic! How to solve this problem?

And again we will ask the experts. Specialists say: problems with intimate potency can occur even at the quite healthy men and in quite happy and stable couples. And if your relations last a year and more, the organism of your man has the right to timeouts, and it is better to take it without panic and quarrels.

If the problems take place occasionally, don't panic. It isn't necessary to advise the partner to visit the "fashionable" specialists' consultation for much money for half an hour or to buy strange pills for man's health. Nobody should take such pills even if they are on sale and without the prescription; otherwise there is a risk to aggravate the health condition, instead of to improve it. If problems with male’s erection are regular, it is necessary immediately to visit the expert in order to reveal and eliminate the reason of the absence of erection. And remember: it is better not to discuss intimate health of the client with other.

How to relive the tension and to support the client if he has such problems? In escorts’ arsenal there are the following secrets:

  • services of fantastic London escorts;
  • confidential and calm conversation: convince the partner that you don't treat this as a problem;
  • spa program: bath with aroma oils, relaxing massage which can turn into an erotic one;
  • oral contrectation, the role-playing games stimulating man’s potency;
  • the opportunity to organize the dating with the man so that he felt relaxed.