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Reasons For Female Betrayal: Why Do They Do It?

The statistics and opinions of psychologists say that female betrayal is an obvious sign of troubles in marriage. It is considered that the overwhelming number of the men seeking joys elsewhere consider their marriage successful, but women betray just because of hopelessness, considering that their marriage wasn't successful. And there are several reasons that can lead to it:

Weak-willed husband

Actually, it is a big problem in the relations even if this reason doesn't lead to betrayal with male escorts. The man as the more counterbalanced, stable and strongperson has to hold woman all the time– to calm, to talk, to direct.

The man is like coasts which are urged to keep the river, showing where she should flow. If there are no coasts, the river spreads everywhere, and the consequences may be different.Such a woman feels the impunity, permissiveness and practically as the child tests the man. "How far can I come?", "How long will you endure it? When will you show your force and knock a table with strong fist and tell me "Enough?”

If the man doesn't see it, doesn't understand that he needs to do, if he shows the weakness, women betray them with male escorts. Probably, it is the last stage of tests. After the betrayal, having flooded the banks completely, the river can flow into the sea and find new, stable coasts.

How to stop it:

Here women need great effort. Very often women do not like to behave by the principle "if you are silent, I will do everything I want"; often it isn't pleasant to the woman. She wants to be tender and obedient, but near such a man she turns into the stinker.

So woman should realize a problem and start solving it. The problem can be also in you – you may be too strong woman and just have killed the will of the spouse. Then you should reconsider the character or the real need for these relations. Or a problem can be in your husband: then you should talk to him, share your expectations.

You have no husband

The husband is constantly in business trips and you are always alone. Of course having such a lifestyle intimacy would be a quite good relaxation and a reminder that you are a woman. But the husband now is in business trip, at negotiations. And you get used that you are alone. And you find pleasure in the embraces of male escorts.

How to stop it:

There are several options. First: if his absence is necessary for earning money and you both agreed on it, you should constantly remind yourself, why you both suffer. By the way instead of dating with male escorts you may find any creative occupation which will take time and will help to use your creative intimate energy.

Second: if work of the husband really spoils your relations and you have already thougth about dating with escorts, it is time to clear up the relations. If he is an adequate person, he will appreciate your frankness and will try to find the way out. If he can’t combine work with the relations, it is time to put priorities.