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Opposition or Rivalry? Two Beauty Businesses of London

In the western world, beauty plays a very important role in everyday life. Being beautiful is sometimes considered an even greater quality than being clever and a lot of time and resources are contributed in the world of beauty. It is small wonder that extremely beautiful women choose to follow a career where their beauty will be most appreciated. Two of those careers, which at the same time share a lot of similarities and a lot of differences, are the modeling and escorting businesses.

Women who want to follow the modeling business will find themselves entangled in a web of intrigue, working on their already natural beauty to reach the perfect state that is asked from in this particular career. They tend to live highly-organized lives, as maintaining their beauty requires constant work and effort on their part. What food they are going to eat, how many hours they are going to sleep and how many hours per day they are going to work out are just a few of the things that a model has to follow exactly to the plan if she wants to have a successful career.

The perks of the job come from being a highly paid and highly appreciated symbol of beauty. After all, people from all over the world travel to fashion shows and beauty contests to experience with their own eyes the level of beauty the western world has come to call perfect. Moreover, being a star of the modeling business gives an ample of work opportunities and leading a high-adrenaline life is the dream of many. Top models share the star status of the most famous of Hollywood celebrities, being recognized and adored in every corner of the planet.

The escorting business on the other hand puts women in a different path. The similarities with the modeling business stop at the hail of beauty. In both careers, women have to be in top shape in order to get anywhere on their respective fields. However, an escort’s life is obviously very different than that of a model’s. Escorts, especially top ones, choose their working hours for themselves. Additionally, their work consists of being sexual involved with clients, while models have no communication with the millions of their fans. That is where a huge difference in the respective careers lie. Most people do not feel lightly about women being in the escorting business. Common thought dictates that it is a career of low prestige, while modeling can drive women to celebrity status.

No matter the final career choice, it is universally accepted that women working in both those fields have the gift of using their beauty and skills in order to satisfy humanity’s most basic instincts of sexuality and approval. More importantly, choosing any of these careers requires complete focus since they are both jobs that require constant maintenance on their part, since both of them require women to always be looking their best so as not to give even the slightest glimpse of imperfection in a job that deifies perfection.